2014: Reflections

It’s that time of year again where we all sit down and think about the 12 months that have just passed, and come up with some (usually crap) resolutions that we probably won’t stick to for more than a few weeks. Normally these are to lose weight, cut back on caffeine, stop smoking, work harder, etc, and I am no different! But this time, I am going to try and slip a few in (ooer) that are actually achievable, like being more creative and productive, as well as the usual rubbish ones (yes, I’ll be joining a gym and giving up chocolate like everyone else).

But before I start on my list of resolutions, I’m going to look back over my top moments of 2014. I think it’s important to do this because sometimes you can become so preoccupied with negative things that have happened, that you forget all the positives! Luckily for me, last year was absolutely brilliant and definitely the best so far. So here are my favourites, most of which feature Ange!

Waking up with Ange on New Year’s Day

Our first selfie!

Ange and I were both struck with hideous colds last year, and so instead of going out we plonked ourselves in a huge duvet in front of the sofa in our old flat in Bournemouth, and watched Mamma Mia and the London fireworks on TV with a couple of pizzas. Although we both felt totally rubbish, we had a few drinks and a really lovely night in. It’s probably the only NYE that I actually remember!

Robyn’s wedding


Ange even wore a dress!

I have a brilliant group of friends and we’ve all known each other since we were children. Some of us have known each other since we were around four-years-old, some of us met when we were teenagers. I met Robyn 10 years ago, so it was crazy when she said she was getting married, because in my head, we are still 13! They had a brilliant time at her hen do in Brighton (I say they, and not ‘we’, because we were dragged to see ‘The DreamBoys’, which is essentially a male strip show. The only way to get through it myself was to get drunk) and Robyn announced she was pregnant! She then had her wedding in May, which was gorgeous. It was one of my favourite moments of the year because she was the first out of us all to get married and it just made me realise how amazing it is that we all grew up together and are still such good friends.

Zorbing for Jo’s hen do


It took us a while to get used to it…

Zorbing was something I had always wanted to do but this was a total surprise to me! I met Jo, who was getting married, through the pole studio I used to train at and some of the other girls had secretly arranged for us to all go zorbing. They didn’t tell us until we arrived at the venue, so when we turned up and realised everyone was really excited. These ‘zorbs’ had space for your legs to stick out, so we were able to run around a football pitch and bounce into each other and play stupid games which was, hands down, the funnest thing I’ve ever done. A few days later we had another hen do which was to learn the dance to Beyoncé’s Single Ladies, which I was terrible at. Both activities were hilarious and a really good idea for a hen do!

Going on holiday to Cyprus


Taking over a pool at the waterpark…

Ange is a Greek Cypriot and her family own a flat out in Larnaca, Cyprus, which we visited together for a week in June. I had never been to Cyprus so I was really excited and I couldn’t believe how hot it was! The first thing I did was jump in a cold shower, I just couldn’t take it! After a while I got (sort of) used to it. Needless to say, the weather was beautiful and we spent most of our time lounging around on the beach. We also visited a water park twice, which was so much fun. We had some hairy experiences too, such as when I jumped off a speedboat with my (prescription) sunglasses on, which then got lost in the sea, resulting in me clinging on for dear life, not being able to see anything, as Ange jumped us over the waves. Another terrifying experience was when we accidentally hitchhiked back from the water park in Ayia Napa. We had missed the bus and were sulking on the side of the road trying to work out what to do when some random man screeched up in his car next to us and told us to hop in for something like 10 Euros. For some reason we decided that was a BRILLIANT idea, and spent the next half an hour whispering ‘Are we going to die?’ to each other as he collected other randomers who were stranded. Luckily, we lived.

My new job

While we were in Cyprus I had a call from my current boss, offering me the job I had applied for at Reveal magazine! I was so excited, and so Ange and I had a couple of drinks by the beach to celebrate. I have been working at Reveal for about four months now and I absolutely love it. I’ve made some good friends, the work itself is great, and the office is right in the heart of Soho, which is awesome.

Moving to London

We packed up our bags from our little flat in Bournemouth and said goodbye, which was pretty emotional, as Ange and our friend James had lived in that particular place for ages. She went to university there and stayed in the town for a total of six years. I moved there about three years ago, but had only lived with Ange for a few months. I really loved Bournemouth and it was hard to say goodbye to friends and old haunts but I was really excited to get to London! We moved in with Ange’s parents in August and stayed there for a little while before getting our own place, which we love.

Surprise Paris trip for our anniversary


Our anniversary is on October 15 and I knew for a while that Ange had planned something, because she kept saying we were ‘going away for a long weekend in Nottingham’, which I just didn’t buy into! On the evening of our anniversary I took us to a posh French restaurant called Coq D’Argent which was gorgeous, and then just a few days later Ange accidentally let it slip that we were going to PARIS for a few days! I was so excited and amazed that I burst into tears there and then. Happy tears, though! We stayed in a gorgeous hotel, kissed at the (almost) top of the Eiffel Tower (we were too scared to actually go to the top), visited the Catacombs and went to Disneyland, amongst other things. It was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me and I would love to go back!

There are so many more things to list I could go on for hours, but these are just a few of the highlights. We have loads of things to look forward to in 2015 and I can’t wait!

Frankie x


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