2015: Resolutions

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/b28/80330716/files/2015/01/img_5144.jpgThey’re old, they’re cliché, they’ve been done to death – I know! But I love a good list and even though I’m terrible at organisation, I love to plan. I also find it helpful to think about my personal aims and goals, and so I’m going to jump right in – here are my resolutions, or ‘plans’, as I’m going to call them, for 2015.

1) Be better with my finances.
Ok, I know this is probably the DULLEST thing you’ve ever read but if you know me, you’ll know that I am terrible when it comes to money. I’m pretty good at sorting out the important stuff like rent and bills, but as soon as those pesky things are sorted, my cash burns a hole in my pocket, and two days after payday I am broke again. Yep, it’s beans on toast a-plenty for me… for the following four weeks. This year I want to really get a grip on my moolah and not fritter it away on quite so many unnecessary things! Beer and wine are still total necessities, however…

2) Exercise more.
Since moving to London I’ve not made much time for fitness, which sucks. Back in Bournemouth, I was training and helping to teach at a pole dancing studio I used to be a member of, and was probably the fittest I’ve ever been! But recently, life has got in the way a little bit. I’m going to stop making excuses, re-join the gym, start poling more, and feel strong again. Plus, dropping a jeans size would be a great by-product… Not only that, but when I exercise regularly I genuinely feel happier, more energetic, and super productive.

3) Visit more places in London.
I haven’t actually been to that many places since I moved here. The last five months seem to have been pretty hectic with not much in the way of free time, so I’m planning to MAKE time to go to museums, galleries, etc. Most of these places are free around here, so it would be silly not to visit them!

4) Read more books.
I used to absolutely love reading and could devour a book within a day or so, but I’ve not read that much over the last year. This needs to change, and so I’m determined to get back into it. Like everyone else in the world, I love dystopian novels (plus, the books are so much better than their films counterparts), crime fiction, horror, and fantasy. Goodreads, here I come!

5) Continue to blog!
I’ve been reading other people’s blogs and their grand plans for their little slices of cyberspace this year, but I’m not going to think about mine in too much depth as it’s so new at the moment. I just want to continue creating regular posts, which is probably going to be my easiest resolution to keep, as I do love wittering away on here.

Frankie x


2 thoughts on “2015: Resolutions

  1. Sounds like some solid plans. Re: cash I am going to try to do the same and heaven forbid I use the word budget. Let me know if want a culture/sightseeing buddy or indeed a gym buddy if returning to Factory. Thouroughly enjoy reading your blog and hope to meet you and your lady some time in the new year x


    • Thanks Violette that’s very sweet of you. I am actually going to go back to Factory I think for a bit as I have some classes I need to use up, but just for pole! It would be great to meet up 🙂 x


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