GHDs: Bird of Paradise

I was a very spoilt girl this Christmas and had a gorgeous gift given to me by my mum; a brand new pair of GHDs! When I unwrapped them I realised she hadn’t just bought me a standard pair, which would have been brilliant, but had instead splashed out on some from the limited edition Bird of Paradise range.


The straighteners come in two variations, purple fading into pink, called ‘Sunset’, and a gorgeous blue fading into green, which are known as ‘Lagoon’. My mum knows me so well and bought me the latter, which I’m so pleased with. They came with a matching heat-proof mat which is also just as pretty.


The straighteners themselves have this brilliant automatic turn-off function which activates if they’ve not been used for about 30 minutes, which is perfect for me because I am always worrying that I haven’t switched my straighteners off, and that I’ll return home to find the whole place has burnt down. I’m never that careless, but my mind does like to convince me that I am!

Like all GHDs, they heat up really fast, but I was surprised at how quickly they cool down, too. This might be a feature on all GHD straighteners that everyone already knows about, but I haven’t owned a new pair in years, so I was excited about this.

My favourite thing about them is how slim and round the actual body of the straighteners are, it makes styling really easy and perfect for creating waves and curls, as well as a sleek look. I’ve struggled using straighteners to curl my hair in the past as I have short layers mixed in with long ones, which don’t seem to work with the thicker straighteners.



I’m very lucky that my mum works for this cosmetics company so I was also treated to some fantastic Elemis skin care products, which I will blog about at a later date, once I’ve tested them out properly and can write a decent review!

Frankie x


I’m blonde!


I did what I was scared into thinking can’t be done – by people who I can only describe as the hair police – I dyed my hair blonde, at home, in my bathroom, with bleach, on my own! (Ok, Ange helped a bit). My point is, for the last however many years I’ve been warned by everyone to NEVER try and bleach your hair unless a professional is doing it. I was told it would fall out… go green… snap off… yeah. But I did it, and it worked! I am not bald, and it’s not (as far as I’m aware) a fetching shade of slime. Hooray!

My hair has really been through hell and back, as I’m sure my school friends would have great delight in reminding me. The long and short of it is… I was born blonde, which gradually faded to a fetching mousey brown in my early teens. I had it highlighted, and then decided that I was extremely cool and that the only way to showcase my inner cutting-edge style, was to dye it black. I am definitely not the only 14-year-old who wanted to release their inner goth, so don’t pretend you didn’t all do it. Mine just happens to be documented on the internet (great).

After that I bleached my fringe every few weeks so I could then dye it green, pink, blue, purple etc. I also used to backcomb the rest of my hair so I resembled some sort of luminescent porcupine. (One word – MySpace.) Eventually, my hair felt like candy floss and was well and truly ruined, so five years ago, aged 18, (it was a long phase, ok) I started again.

25708_1289438711188_7481731_n(I can’t be the only one who thought that was cool?!)

I kept dying it black because I hated the thought of regrowth, but walked around with a much more demure hairstyle. I then decided I actually wanted to return to being blonde again. It’s funny how, when you’re a teenager, you are absolutely adamant that you will never, EVER change – and then you grow up and realise that actually, looking like you’ve rolled around in a bush will never be a look you can pull off in adulthood (or ever).

10511164_10202752083658325_4020087539922384206_nHello, I am normal

So, last summer, I managed to lighten it to a shade of brown, which I kind of liked. I didn’t want to tamper with it too much as my hair was finally feeling strong and healthy, so I left it alone for a while. A few months back I picked up a gradual highlight treatment to use while blow drying my hair, and a few weeks ago, I bought a box of bleach and decided to go the whole hog.

I used the Live XXL Absolute Platinum 00A which lightened it to a gingery colour, and then used Schwarzkopf Color Mask Pearl Blonde after that. To get it to the colour I wanted (ok, the lightest shade it could probably manage before it disintegrated) I finally put on the Nice ‘N Easy Perfect 10 Ash Blonde. I really liked how easy the Schwarzkopf one was to use because it came in a pot rather than a bottle, and I loved how quick the Perfect 10 was to use – it literally takes 10 minutes to work. And by that point, I was sick of dying my hair (plus, my nostrils felt like they were about to fall off with all the chemicals, delicious).


I’m probably going to lighten it again in a few months, but for now, I’m happy to stick with this shade. Although it’s not super blonde, I’m happy. And anything’s better than porcupine hair, right?

Frankie x