Cheeky Primark buy: Ssh, I’m not supposed to be spending anything!


It’s that slightly terrifying after-Christmas period where, I don’t know about you, but I don’t have much cash to flash. It should be the time that I put my debit cards in a safe and throw away the key, but instead, I found myself wandering towards Tottenham Court Road on my Thursday lunch break, in the dangerous direction of Primark.

I say dangerous, because any normal person would pick up an item, think ‘Oh, what a bargain!’ and spend a tenner, but I see TWENTY items, think ‘Oh, what a bargain!’ and end up spending £200. To be fair to myself though, I did only pick up two things this time, and they are absolutely fabulous. Plus I still have some beer money left, win.

The first thing I bought was an enormous grey poncho, similar to a few that I’ve been lusting after for ages now. It’s got a loose roll-neck and is made from a lovely thick wool which is really warm. It’s perfect for putting on in the office, (does anyone else find air conditioning absolutely bone-chilling?) and curling up with on the sofa. I intend to wear it instead of a coat sometimes too, for a bit of a change, and it’ll be nice for spring too. I think it also came in beige but I personally thought I’d be able to co-ordinate the grey version with more things.

After that, I headed upstairs to the jeans section with the aim of hunting down a pair of ‘mom’ jeans. I really love the style but I’ve only admired from a distance so far because I was convinced they would look terrible on me. Being only 4ft 11in means that most trousers and skirts swamp me, so unless they offer petite, I tend to get mine from the kids section. However, once I spotted Primark’s offerings I tried them on and was pleasantly surprised. The great thing about these jeans is that you can roll them up a couple of times at the bottom, so they’re ideal for shorter people. They were an absolute bargain at just £13, and you can see them in the picture above!

Frankie x